[sticky post]Feedback for a beginner seller like me :)
Since I only started selling online and need some feedbacks from real buyers to prove my service is real instead of scamming, I'll use this page as a feedback page for all people to see. Most stuffs I've sold is through instagram, posted pics on instagram, and buyers states their interest, and exchanged real emails and started discussing and transact through email.

More items I've decided to let go/sell :D
I've just sold few items already and a feedback page is on the way as soon as the items have safely reached to my buyers x)

Kuroko no Basuke  Off shot edition KISE for sale~ Please contact me/PM if interested!  ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Hakuouki Traditional Japanese Toy mascot SAITOU for sale~ Feel free to contact/PM if interested!  ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Previously Blogspot, now livejournal.
Always had the tendency to blog whenever I felt like it in blogspot in the past, so now I'm a convert; using livejournal now. It's hard selling extra or some anime stuffs here, but at least I'm making some progress. x) I'll see how many successful sales I've made. Being a new seller is hard, but well, heck. I don't really have a lot to sell either, just either selling extras or some rare stuffs that I decide to sell in need of money. xD Not that anyone would read my journal, so that kinda makes it a good rambling/getaway space for myself. So long~ A lot more items that I wanna sell, but just a little lazy to take good pictures. LOL. soon soon. and I'm waiting for a lot more items to come through my post-mail~ whee

Updates of stuffs to sell
Top left: Uta no Prince Sama sweets collection charm from TAKARA TOMY Japan (ITTOKI OTOYA) @ SGD15
Top right: Fairy Tail Celestial Key TAKARA TOMY Japan with stickers (HOROLOGIUM) @ SGD8.50
Bottom left: Fairy Tail Celestial Key TAKARA TOMY Japan with stickers (LYRA) @ SGD8.50
Bottom right: AMNESIA figure strap with small stand TAKARA TOMY Japan (IKKI) @ SGD15

Prices are negotiable if needed, feel free to contact me~ Have to sell these extras!!

AMNESIA white day cupcake charm from TAKARA TOMY Japan @ SGD 15 (comes with character's love message)IMG_1596

Some extra goods to sell~
Price info:
These are my personal collections, I bought them individually as loose purchase which can be chose, and not random capsule toys, hence, the price are a little higher. x) as fellow anime collectors, feel free to PM or ask any questions~

More items will be added, if i decide which collection to let go soon~

CIMG1858Fairy Tail TAKARA TOMY keys~ SGD 8.50 per key

Ao no Exorcist- 15 SGD [SOLD]

Stuffs and collections
phew. livejournal's been dead quite some time, and this time i jus spam pictures of some of my collection of anime stuffs instead of typing a bunch of text. x)

A bunch of jap magazines and artbooks.

Little anime merchandise and trinkets i got from KKNM shop dat imports from japan... way better than buying from ebay that sells double the amnt that i bought from the shop. -___-

Furoku mostly from LaLa's magazine and almost are in mint and new condition, those with package originally is kept. I wonder if i bought all these and keep it to collect dust..? ~.~

drama cds and furoku special dvds mostly from LaLa agn and one from Asuka

Furoku clear folders. Still in mint condition... i srsly dunno what to do wif them since i cant bear to use them.. haiz.

Tsubasa chronicle limited edition dvd ova and limited edition ver. of the soundtrack. Movie soundtrack single and character drama cd

Hakuouki Collection :D Now in still into Hakuouki and i yearn to play the game T.T..... but it's expensive and my psp is... not updated.... zzz.

Artbook, Fanbooks, Magazine and novels.

Messy shelf of mangas

Drawer that keeps all my things and dere's some anime dvd and other stuffs that i lazy to take fotos of.. muahah.

Im bored and having my holidays so just take some pics to update my personal space. x)

Things that I enjoyed doing...
2nd post in livejournal. hm.. but not used to it yet since im used to using blogger.. reason i dont use blogger is that livejournal seems to look more fun and features compared to blogger. uploading pic in blogger seems zzzz. anyways this shall be my new rambling space.

during the holidays i used my time editing hakuouki pictures and random stuffs about hakuouki. Downloaded some japanese designs illustrator vector and use it to edit things.
since im a designer, and always going out to print booklet or reports for my product, the idea came to me is:
I can make a book of Hakuouki using what i've learnt in sch. well, altho usually my graphic designs suck, but i still know the basics,

so im intending to print a book dedicated to saitou~ well, i love him alot, so the book will be based on favouritism for saitou. I also liked hijikata and okita, so maybe i'll include them in alittle.

Still doing it, but well, few that I've finished.. After compiling all the things, i'll then go to professional printing shop and perfect bind them using quality gloss/matt papers making it look like a book. Thanks to my design course that i get to know how to do it and know some gd places to quality print and bind. ;D Making a Hakuouki Saitou Hajime Book myself makes me happy, tho i know it isnt that great. ok. shall stop the ramblings.

All backgrounds and design are fully done by me. Except for hakuouki's pictures itself which i used photoshop to remove their
original background and stuff.
Credits goes to their respective owners since i found mostly in google image search, don't really know who exactly they belonged to.

First time posting in livejournal.. wonder how is it like. I've posted and blogged using blogger and well, wanna try out in live journal to be my personal space. xD I think I noe what to post for the next post.. muahaha. My anime collections~


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